defect detection 
Real time recording
Data recycling

The transmission C-scan tomography images of a battery pack at different TOF intervals can visually show the location, shape, and size of defects.

Strategic cooperation with top technology teams in the industry, applying industry-leading technologies to practical scenarios, continuously iterating products, and meeting new ideas and demands.
The safety testing of lithium batteries based on ultrasonic fingerprint technology can achieve non-destructive testing of internal defects in batteries. By using tomography imaging methods, microscopic defects inside the battery can be seen, and the position, shape, and size of these defects can be clearly displayed, with both direct observation and real-time performance.

Physical ultrasound scanning
Imaging effect demonstration

Based on intelligent ultrasonic testing technology platform
Promote new energy and inject new vitality
Make lithium batteries safer

National Major Special Project for Instruments

Development and Application of High end Electromagnetic Testing Instruments Based on Variable Frequency Domain

Xiang Yong     PhD

Host and undertake 

national, provincial and ministerial level 

scientific research projects

Participate in the formulation of national standards

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Large Aircraft Project

Research on Key Technologies of Laser Ultrasonic Testing and Calibration

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Establish a joint laboratory with the National Aircraft Industry Metrology and Testing Center

Exploring innovative and collaborative work models to enhance the capabilities of industrial measurement and enterprise measurement, and achieving high-quality development of both parties in terms of operational mechanisms, scientific research cooperation, technical services, and achievement specialization.

Intelligent robots for production lines
3C battery intelligent workstation

Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Digital ultrasonic diffraction sound time detector

Public welfare industry research projects

Research on Testing Standards for Ultrasonic Diffraction Sound Time Method

PhD in Materials Processing Engineering from Tsinghua University
Beijing Science and Technology New Star, Beijing Excellent Talents
Expert in the Beijing Science and Technology Expert Database
Off campus supervisor for graduate students at Beijing Institute of Technology
Standardization expert of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
Expert in the International Science and Technology Cooperation Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology
Expert of the 12th Five Year Plan for Scientific and Technological Development of Special Equipment Working Group
Special contributor for Waters Evaluation

Mainly engaged in safety testing and quality evaluation of new energy lithium batteries, as well as research on non-destructive testing (NDT&NDE) of materials, non-destructive testing (NDT&NDE) in advanced manufacturing technology, online automatic testing, and intelligent quality diagnosis and control.

Fixed point or array scanning with an accuracy of 1-5mm, suitable for battery detection on production lines. The detection function can be customized according to different process positions.
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Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology Industry University Research Project

Digital ultrasonic testing instrument

Quality inspection public welfare industry research special project

Research on Key Technologies and Standards for Non destructive Testing of Cast Iron Pressure Equipment
Development of International Standard for Non destructive Testing Infrared Testing Equipment


Laboratory intelligent workstation
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High end electromagnetic inspection based on variable frequency domain, a national key research and development plan project during the 13th Five Year Plan period

Research on in-situ inspection and evaluation technology for important components of electromechanical lifting special equipment and equipment development


Collaborating with China Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute to establish the National Nondestructive Testing Technology Innovation Center Laboratory

(1) Research and development of new methods, technologies, and processes for non-destructive testing;
(2) Research and development of advanced non-destructive testing equipment;
(3) Application of advanced non-destructive testing technology;
(4) Ability testing and evaluation of testing personnel, equipment, and processes;
(5) Special equipment industry testing technology services and management.

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Industrialization Project in Haidian District, Beijing

Industrialization of digital ultrasonic flaw detectors

Dual modes of air coupling and liquid immersion, supporting 3-channel detection with detection accuracy less than 1mm, suitable for detecting soft pack, cylindrical, and button batteries

The dual detection mode can detect defects up to 1mm, suitable for soft pack, hard shell, cylindrical, and blade batteries.

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